Time to test your knowledge of National Parks again!  Do you know in which state these national parks can be found?  There are 20 different questions, but the quiz will randomly select 10 of them – take the quiz again to see a different selection!



0-4 correct – National Parks Novice

5-9 correct – National Parks Fan

10 correct – National Parks Expert


Ok, you’re a National Parks Novice, but we all started somewhere!

#1 Great Basin National Park

#2 Saguaro National Park

#3 Acadia National Park

#4 Great Sand Dunes National Park

#5 Isle Royale National Park

#6 Badlands National Park

#7 Big Bend National Park

#8 Kobuk Valley National Park

#9 Hot Springs National Park

#10 Lake Clark National Park


If you’d like to see more quizzes, please leave a comment and let me know!

3 Responses

  • I got 9/10!!! I cannot wait to follow along in your travels.

    • Laura G

      I thought you would do well. 🙂

  • stephanie

    Learned something new! Thought I’d found a typo and realized the Great Basin is not in Utah like I’d always thought…


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