There are a number of locations on Batuu which offer food and beverage options intended to appeal to off-worlders.  Since we were trying to get the most of our four hours there we only had time for one meal and some snacks.  We took advantage of mobile order to minimize time waiting in line to order, though as it turned out that really wasn’t a problem.

The first thing we had to try was blue milk.  The Milk Stand offers a choice of blue milk or green milk.  Both are $7.99.  They are a plant-based blend of coconut and rice milks, plus some additional non-disclosed flavorings.  They are soft-frozen, sort of like a slush, and you have to ask for a straw if you want one.  We didn’t get straws, but the milks were soft enough that we could sip them.  Since they were non-dairy they had a different mouth feel…I found they left me with a “coated tongue” sort of sensation afterward.

Blue and Green Milk – Galaxy’s Edge

The blue milk had a hint of coconut and was slightly sweet, but there was no other particular flavor that I could identify.  Lee preferred that one (which has been the consensus among most people).

I actually had a slight preference for the green milk, which puts me in a distinct minority, because many people think it’s awful.  Again, no flavor that I could really identify, but I’d say it was less sweet than the blue milk, with kind of a citrus rind flavor.

To be honest, neither of them was that good, and we probably will not buy it again.   Mobile Order is available but we didn’t use it – no line and we just walked right up.

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is an indoor quick-service location serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  It has the most extensive food menu in Galaxy’s Edge.  Mobile Order is available here, and we used it to pre-order our lunch a couple of hours in advance – though we didn’t need to.

We ordered the Smoked Kaadu Ribs  – $16.99.  These are sticky pork ribs served with a purple cabbage slaw and a blueberry corn muffin.  We did NOT receive a “spork” utensil here…instead we got a plastic fork and a metal knife (a plastic knife would not have been of much use to cut the ribs).  The ribs were pretty tender and easily came off the bone.  There was a rub on them that was a little too spicy hot for my taste, but Lee enjoyed them.  I thought the slaw was very good – nice and vinegary – but Lee didn’t care for it.  Most importantly there were no bell peppers in the slaw! The corn muffin was also good.

Docking Bay 7 Kaadu Ribs

Other options are a kefta salad, shrimp and noodle salad, roasted or fried chicken, and fish.  A vegetarian “meat loaf” and beef pot roast are available for dinner only.

We tried Moof Juice – fruit punch and orange juice with chipotle-pineapple.  This was very refreshing, but just a little too sweet.  I didn’t taste the chipotle at all.

Some of the items used to create seating areas are pretty interesting…it was fun to walk around and just take a look.

Docking Bay 7 Seating

There is also seating available outside.

Docking Bay 7 Outdoor Seating

I think Ronto Roasters was the best-themed of the restaurants we visited – though bear in mind we have not been in the Cantina yet.   It’s an open-air restaurant, where the exhaust of a hanging podracer engine cooks the ronto meat on a spit as it’s manually turned by a droid.  (Though if it’s a droid, then I suppose it’s mechanically turned and not MANually turned.)

This is definitely a place where there are things to see and you want to look up, down, and all around.  Off to one side is a screened area which appears to be a pantry…with some rather interesting ingredients.

Ronto Roasters Supplies

We had the famous Ronto Wrap: pieces of roasted pork and a grilled sausage topped with cabbage slaw and peppercorn sauce, wrapped in pita bread – $12.99.   This was very good, but it would have been excellent without the sausage (a hot dog by any other name), which struck an alien note (so to speak).  Again, no bell peppers in any of it.  Yay!

Ronto Wrap

We tried a Tatooine Sunset – iced tea, lemonade, melon, and blueberry.  Lee liked it, but I tasted too much of an artificial powdered iced tea flavor in it.

Ronto Roasters also serves turkey jerky – choice of sweet or spicy – but we didn’t try that.

Mobile order is available. There’s no seating here, but there’s some counters around the roaster and the inside perimeter where you can stand to eat and set down your food/drinks.

Ronto Roasters Counter

In the Marketplace is Kat Saka’s Kettle.  This is one of the locations that Coca-Cola products in their thermal-detonator-shaped containers are available.  Also available here is Outpost Mix – flavored popcorn. $6.49 in a plain brown bag, also available in a souvenir droid container.    It was colorful, but I didn’t like any of the flavors.  Reminded me of Kool-Aid.

Outpost Mix

While I didn’t care for the snack items, I thought the foods we had were interesting and tasty.  There are other menu items at Docking Bay 7 that I would like to try.  I wish there were some additional snack options available, though…there has got to be the Batuu equivalent of a churro or funnel cake that some street vendor should be selling.  🙂

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  • Randi Briggs

    Can’t wait for our visit there!

  • stephanie

    I’ve been missing you on All Ears…glad I found you somewhere! Are you going to write any more for them?

    • Laura G

      Hi Stephanie. It’s nice to be missed! No, I will not be writing any more for AllEars. It was no longer a good fit for me and I have moved on.


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