How well do you know the famous features of some of our national parks?  Take this quiz and find out!


0-3 correct – It was harder than you thought, wasn’t it?

4-7 correct – Nice job

8-9 correct – Oh those tricky questions!

10 correct – Are you sure you don’t work for the National Park Service?

Better luck next time.  Thanks for playing.

#1. Cadillac Mountain is a feature of which national park?

#2. Which park contains “The Bottomless Pit”?

#3. Where will you find the Grand Prismatic Spring?

#4. In Yosemite, by what name is Tissiack better known?

#5. In what park will you find Angel’s Landing?

#6. Longs Peak is a prominent feature of which park?

#7. This park includes both Colorado and Mojave Desert areas.

#8. In which national park can you walk the Kaibab Trail?

#9. California condors live in this national park.

#10. Where is Triple Divide Peak located?



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