There are thousands of city parks in the United States.  I’ve tried to limit this quiz to parks that I hope quiz takers have at least heard of – though I have to admit that a few of them were unknown to me.




0-3 correct – You probably haven’t heard of some of these parks – neither had I.

4-7 correct – Well done

8-9 correct – You’ve apparently visited many of these parks!

10 correct – Wow.  You know your parks!

At least now you know all of the correct answers!

#1. Which of these parks is the smallest?

Central Park, at 840 acres, is the smallest.  Golden Gate Park is 1017 acres, Balboa Park is 1200, and Lincoln Park is 1208.

#2. Where is Rock Creek Park located?

Rock Creek Park is actually administered by the National Park Service.  While originally it was the third park in the United States to be designated a “national park”, it is now part of the National Capital Parks unit.

#3. The Observatory at Griffith Park in Los Angeles is a popular filming location. In which of these movies does the observatory NOT appear?

Diamonds are Forever features a scene shot at LAX, but not at Griffith Park.

#4. Features of this park include Tad Gormley Stadium, a statue of General Beauregard, and Laborde Mountain.

The simply named “City Park” in New Orleans is 1,300 acres, and includes a bayou, a forest and an amusement park in addition to a variety of recreational facilities.

#5. Which of these parks does NOT have a carousel?

There are Highland Parks in Endwell, NY and Meridian, MS which have carousels, but not the one in Rochester NY.

#6. Which of these parks is known for its herd of bison (aka buffalo)?

Golden Gate Park in San Francisco has been home to a small herd of bison since 1891.

#7. Where will you find the Fountain of Rings?

The Fountain of Rings in Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park is an interactive fountain choreographed with music and lights.

#8. This park hosted the Panama-California Exposition in 1915.

San Francisco hosted the similarly named Panama-Pacific International Exposition, also in 1915.

#9. The Frog Pond is one of the notable features of this park.

Activities at the Boston Common’s Frog Pond include ice skating in winter, a spray pool in summer, and a reflecting pool in spring and fall.

#10. This park began as a horse racing track.

In the 1870s, Hawaii’s King Kalakaua designated an area near Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach as a horse racing course.  It was named after his wife, Kapi’olani.


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